Presentations that have been made are available here: 10X, 10Y

presentation.pngIt's a fact of life that on some occasions you have to stand up in front of a group of people and say or present something. So you might as well learn how to do it properly! Below is a list of who's doing which topics as we go along. You should prepare a talk/presentation that is at least 3 minutes long.

If Mr Belshaw was doing it, he'd use something like Photo Story 3 or Slideshare or record himself on his mobile phone, import it into a program such as Windows Moviemaker 2 and create a video (after installing the XP Codec Pack, of course...)

On the other hand, if you're old skool and want to stand at the front (with or without Powerpoint) and present your stuff, I'm not going to allow you any notes or just read off your slides - so be warned! :-)

Below is a quick example of what you can do. This took Mr Belshaw about 20 minutes to create, but yours should be slightly longer. It's hosted on Google Video, which I believe is viewable on the school network, but you definitely should be able to at home!

How to create a video in Windows Moviemaker

Edward Jenner - Mr Belshaw
Florence Nightingale - Tom H & Joel M & Matthew P - Hayley & Jodie N & Rochelle
Mary Seacole - Siobhan & Jodie - Joel G & Rachael H & Leanne
Joseph Lister - Conor & Tom Buxton - Natasha & Sophie & Saranna
James Simpson - Owen & Tom Burley - Tom S
Louis Pasteur - David W & Josh R & Mark - Jake O.
Robert Koch - Scott F & Matthew M - Connor
Edwin Chadwick & John Snow - Matthew Butler & Luke - Lewis & Ben
Public Health in Victorian England - Mimi - Ryan H & Sara & Kathryn
Factors in the development of medicine, 1750-1900 - Kyle & Jake
Medical progress brought about due to WWI - Ryan C & Lee G
Magic bullets - Callum & Jack Alexander Fleming and Penicillin - Lee & Nathaniel
The impact of WW2 on medicine and health in Britain - Liam - Danny & Richard
The introduction of the National Health Service - Chloe, Claire & Hannah - Tom M & Joey
Medical improvements during the 20th century - Claire H