Adaptation To The Surroundings
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The Plains Indians adapted to the surroundings by using the things around them such as for food they hunted and ate the buffalo. For shelter, they used tipis which was the main place where the Plains Indians slept and ate. Horses were used in hunting the buffalo. Horses were sacred to the Plains Indians. The horses were used in battle against the white men.

Adaptation To The Surroundings.

The Native Americans moved to America during the ice age over 20,000 years ago. They spread out across the Great Plains of the American West and learnt how to adapt to the new surroundings of America.

external image america2-3%20022.jpg The Nevada Desert, America.

The Native Americans first found adaptation to the Plains quite hard as they were used to the cold weather of North Asia and Siberia. They adapted very quickly and found the buffalo, their main food source for many years to come. This find led them to easier survival as they adapted by learning where the buffalo roamed and how to hunt them.They made their homes, tipis, from buffalo skins and dyes. This was a very good, easy way to live. They moved near the rivers for fresh water supplies and onto the great plains where there were many more supplies fo food, weapons etc. They adapted to this new land by using the things around for their survival. Another factor which led to easier survival for the Plains Indians was horses. They originally found horses when the Pueblo Indians of Mexico revolted against the Spanish invaders. They captured many of their horses and they were bred and traded between the Indian Nations. Horses were used for:

  • transport - quicker and easier
  • currency
  • warfare
  • hunting animals easier

by Owen L