The Uses Of the buffalo

The Buffalo were the main resource for the Plains indians food, tools and even clothing. Here are some of the uses of the buffalo:
  • The hide of the buffalo could be used for coats and things to sit on
  • Its tongue was used as a hairbrush
  • Its poo was baked on the fire and made into buffalo chips, a very good, long lasting source of fuel.
The plains indians only hunted for as much as they needed, it was never a game.

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Buffalo are big bull like animals living on the plains. Native Americans used them for many different things such as food and clothes. They would usally send the fastest, best riders to chase the buffalo and shoot them with arrows. The arrows would be marked so that the indians would be able to know which family the buffalo belonged to.

The Plains Indians lived in the U.S.A. They totally depended on the buffalo for their survival. They hunted them around 2 to 3 times a year and they used almost every part of them for all sorts of different things e.g. food, skins for clothes and Tipis, poo for fire fuel, bones for weapons, cuttelry or bowels etc and they even used tongues to comb their hair.One thing they didnt do was use the heart.They would burry it and they believed if they buuried it the buffalo would come back They never killed the buffalo for fun or sport only ever when they needed them for supplies. The U.S. Army knew how much the Plains Indians depended on the buffalo and so they sometimes hunted them too even though they had no real use for them. The U.S Arm killed them in massive numbers and usually killed the whole herd. This had a massive blow on the Plains Indians and they would really suffer as they would now have no food or supplies available.
Before the Plains Indians had horses, to hunt the buffalo they used to dress up in wolf skins and sneak up to the buffalo as they would let them get quite close, then attack them. Another way was to stampede them into a valley and then they would be trapped or all have to filter into it. The other way was just to stampede the herd of buffalo off of a cliff.This method was called the buffalo jump. This method however caused a huge loss in the number of buffalo and often killed far too many than were needed. When the Plains Indians started to come in contact with horses, they were able to use these to help with hunting the buffalo. This helped the Plains Indians immensely as they were able to kill the buffalo much quicker and easier and it gave much more control to them as to not kill too many buffalo at once. The hunters would just simply charge at the buffalo and kill as many as they need. personally i think that the native americans depended on the buffalo far to much and should find other things to use just incase the buffalo all 1840, 13 million buffalo's roamed the plains and due to the white men killing them there was 200 in 1885. that means in 45 years they had lost almost 13 million buffolo and whiped them out completely.if this happened the native americans would have probably all died as well due to no food or resources.

buffalo were approximately 2000 pounds, six feet tall at the humped shoulders (
Its spirit was praised before every hunt with a tribal ritual dance. they thought that they were sacred animals and would never die off but the us arbuffalohunt.jpegmy changed that. They killed them of just so the native american had no food.


Native Americans go to hunt buffalo

Native American buffalo hunt